3935th Mapping and Charting Squadron

Later Became 1372nd Mapping and Charting Squadron

Offut AFB, Omaha, NE and West Palm Beach AFB, FL, Turner AFB, Albany, GA

  I'm in regular contact with 4 of the charter airmen who formed the 3935th at Offutt AFB, Omaha,NE. I was able to reach one of my guys to confirm some of these dates.

  Most of us arrived in Omaha in Oct 1952 to begin our mission. I was a camera repairman along with 3 others. We came out of an electronics background and couldn't figure out why we shunted off to Lowry for photo training and camera repair school.

  Unknown to us, the C-45's in our squadron were going to be equipped with new mapping cameras and a new electronic gyro stabilized mount. We were specifically trained to install and maintain the mounts and cameras.

  A year later, in Oct 1953, we were all moved to West Palm Beach AFB where we continued on as the 3935th until late 1954 when we became part of the 1370th PMG as the 1372nd M & C Squadron.

  In what I read there is some conflict when this event happened. I chatted with Jim Shaw who was in radio maintenance with our unit and he was discharged in Oct 1954 from, as listed on his DD 214, the 3935th M & C. Shaw did say that within 30 to 60 days of his discharge, 3935th was to have a new designation.

  I think we have been a long lost group and it's exciting to get in touch with guys who were in our line of work.

  Jim Baldauf

RC-45 camera mount 3935th M and C Basketball Champions

  I was working on B50's at Davis Monthan AFB when I received orders to become part of the newly formed 3935th Mapping & Charting Squadron at Offutt A F B in the fall of 1952. Our C.O.was a Major Larson. We left Omaha in Sept.-Oct 1953 and went to Palm Beach AFB. I was with the 3935th until I was discharged on October 2 , 1954.(90 day early out discharge to go back to College.....We had 12 C'45s all installed with camera equioment. Not much radio equipment VHF, Range Reciever, Intercom and that was about it We did installthe Radio Compass Equipment in all the airplanes at West Palm,.....I remember discussion about us becoming a Wing, and when I was discharged it said 1372nd Mapping & Charting Squadron (MATS) --1370th Photo Mapping Group --Palm Beach Air Force Base ,Florida....I keep in regular touch with Jim Bauldauf and three other guys who were with the 3935th.

  James Shaw