Haiti SHORAN Ground Station Operation-1952

This is a description of the SHORAN station that was to be installed in Haiti in August 1952. I copied it from the request from the US State Department to the government of Haiti for permission to install and operate the station. The station is part of the Eastern Missile Range trilateration network.


1. The SHORAN Ground Station will be operated for approximately a 90-day period. Appropriate advance notice will be given the Haitian Government before the installation of the Station and Sub-Station and before their removal. The period of operation may be extended for subsequent specified periods of time with the consent of the Haitian Government, should it be determined by the USAF that further testing of the type necessitating use of the Station is desirable.

2. The Station proper will be operated by four USAF personnel.

3. The Station will employ a fifty-foot mast type antenna and will use the following radio frequencies : 7830 KC, 4907.5 KC, 10185 KC, 230 MC, 250 MC and 300 MC.

4. In the course of conducting the tests, a USAF aircraft of the B-50 type will fly at intervals over the Station at low altitude.

The Sub Station mentioned is a storage area for associated equipments etc. not kept at the Shoran station.

Chuck Hart