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2009 Redmond-Higgins Mini-Reunion in FL

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1373rd Softball Team  Photo OIC

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Submitted By Frank Ricci

Frank Ricci the Performer Dr. Frank Ricci PhD

Frank Ricci takes 2nd place, SAC Talent Contest SAC Talent Contest 1373rd Bowlers Frank Ricci scores in TAFB Bowling Tourney

Attached are an article and picture I saved when we(The Dynamics) won the SAC talent contest. We placed 2nd worldwide. It was a great day for us and Turner AFB. The other 2 are articles when we won the base doubles bowling tournament, and our team also placed second in the team event.

The Dynamics were also the house band at Joe's Cellar for a long time. I give a lot of credit to that talent contest and playing locally. It was a great learning experience and the beginning of a 30 year career as an international vocalist and performer.

I had the once in a lifetime experience to star internationally at far off places like Hong Kong, Malaysia and state side in Las Vegas, and appear opposite great talent like Wayne Newton, Tony Bennett, Don Rickles and many more. I thank the Air Force and Turner AFB for my start.

I also give Bill Cosby a lot of credit for my going back to school to get my Ph.D.. He was working down the street from me in Las Vegas and I always admired his work and intellect. He went back and got his Doctorate, so I decided I could get mine too.

Today I am retired from singing, it was a dream come true, however I am still on stage. I am a lecturer and motivational speaker to government and major corporations nationally. I speak about health, primarily addictive behavior, obesity, and chronic stress.

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It was an unusual chain of events. From the talent contest while at Turner, that gave me the courage to pursue the stage, then being able to work opposite such talent which influenced me to do what I do today. God does work in mysterious ways.

These images were submitted by Terry Gust
This equipment was used on the RB-50F and RC-130A aircraft, and the AST ground stations.

SHORAN Trilateration Net Basic Airborne Equipment Ground stations act as transponder beacons for airborne set RB-50F Airborne Set Recon Navigational System,SHORAN, Airborne, type MA-1

SHORAN Indicator ID-2888/APA-54A Airborne SHORAN Set SHORAN Recorder Straight Line Indicator

Tom Hegre, Carmichael, CA


 I'm an old geezer who happened to be in the 1373rd M & C Sq. from July of '65 until June '68. I arrived at Turner after a 5 1/2 year tour of England and France. Went to AST #4(Ethiopia) twice for a total of 7 months. I wanted to get to Brazil, but never made the trip. Spent a month or so TDY at Albrook.
  My last trip with 1370th was to Tan Son Nhut, Viet Nam. All the other 1370th pesonnel that were in Nam were sun bathing on the beach at Tuy Hua. There was myself and one other photo types processing and evaluating film. While I was TDY at TSN, I received my PCS orders to report the 600th Photo Squadron. The 600th was about 50 yards from where I was working in TanSon Nhut. I flew back to the states and had time to move my family from Forbes to California. A little over a months after leaving Viet Nam, I was back. I didn't stay in Saigon, I was shipped to Pleiku Air Base in the Cenral Highlands, where I was lab chief.

Donald Boyd, Chicago, IL


SGT Donald Boyd

 I served in the 1373rd at Turner AFB, GA and Forbes AFB, KS,from 9/64-4/68, had a good time in Asmara and Sao Paulo and a number of refueling stints. I continue to eat Ziggny in Chicago at a place called Mama Desta, Red Sea on Clark and Belmont.
  They make it just like I came to like it. I've been looking for Al Wilson, Robert Randall, Bernard Spence, Jarrod Fitzgerald, and those who served from 1964-1968.
 Good luck in keeping in touch, these are great times. Robert Andrews passed, for those who knew him(See picture below), and Livingston Clayton of the 1370th motor pool lives in VA.
  I am now Regional Vice President, American Federation Of Government Employees, AFL/CIO Council Of HUD Locals #222 in Chicago.

Robert Andrews

 Don Boyd delivers airborne karate kick Don Boyd receives awardEd Diffenderffer, Rick Caputo, and Donald Boyd Donald Boyd shakes hands with Sec'y Of HUD, Mel Martiniz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boyd, April 2003

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