1376th CAMRON

William C. 'Bill' Ahern

1963   Now

Before and After

 I left The Bronx, NY, and joined the USAF, in March, 1960. After basic training, I went to Sheppard AFB for helicopter(H-21, H-19) maintenance school.

 Upon graduation in OCT 1960, I was assigned to the 1376th CAMRON, 1370th PMW, Turner AFB, GA.

 In 1961 I went TDY to AST #5, British Giuana, French Giuana, and Brazil for 6 months. Our mission there was installing ground HIRAN stations by H-21 helicopter and resupplying them.

 Then back to Turner for about a year.

 Returned to Sheppard for a refresher course on HH-43's, and then another TDY to AST #7, New Guinea. Our main post in NG was at Port Moresby and we also spent time with the H-43's aboard the Merchant Marine Ship the Curtis F. Shoup. We sailed around the island of New Guinea and placed troops on ground HIRAN sites and supplied them with food, radio equipment and other supplies.

 Again back to Turner and got discharged in MAR 1964.

 I returned to NYC and became a Tractor Trailer driver. During my reign as a driver I hauled liquid sugar, copper, brass, and cookies for Nabisco. I retired from the Teamsters Union as a business agent in 1997. Then I drove a charter bus for 1 1/2 years and did tours mostly in the North East.

 I was married and had 3 kids: 2 boys and 1 girl. Then, 9 years ago, I got divorced. I'm now married again, to Debbie, and have 5 grandchildren and 2 stepgranchildren. I lived in New Jersey for a long time and now live in Long Beach, Long Island, New York. UPDATE: We moved back to New Jersey(Budd Lake) in 2005.

 I would like to hear from any of the people that I met during my tour in the Air Force. My thanks to Jim Kinter who has been my friend for over 40 years, and also the rest of the guys who have worked so hard to put this website together for all of us.

 Bill Ahern

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Bill Ahern in room, 1376th CAMRON barracks Bill relaxing with a Black Label,1376th CAMRON barracks Bill Ahern, 1376th CAMRON new barracks, 1962 Downtown Albany GA, 1964 Bill Ahern and Jimbo

Bill Ahern and 1st 57 Chevy Bill Ahern's 1st 57 Chevy Bill Ahern's 1st 57 Chevy at Eglin AFB, FL Bill Ahern and 1st 57 Chevy at Eglin AFB, FL We're ready. drop the flag

Bill and his Bronx buddy at Eglin AFB, FL Bill and his 57 Olds convertible 57 Olds convertible Bill, Lee, Chuck and Bernie on 'Hound Dog' Bill and 2nd 57 Chevy, a 2 door this time

Lt. Symonds, Bill Ahern, Tom Marchant Playing Pilot Preflight HH-60, Lee Erickson, Crew Chief 

OUCH! Bill Ahern at Maury Willner's Make this putt Levie at Witchata Falls Levie climbing Mt. Scott Lee and his 55 Chevy

Big Air Going up Little Air Levie and the Shultzmobile Coming down

Lee Erickson and Bill Ahern Heading upriver on the Flint Fire it up, the fish are waiting Levie Shultz and Willus Jamus and Willus Bill wide open on the Flint River

Jim and Lee Jim and Lee Lee Cruisin' the Flint River Lee and Bill Jim and Lee

1st Harley Washing my bike My previous Harley Current ride Tour Bus