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Lou Chapman

Lou in 1961-Little fish in a Big pond  Lou Now-Big fish in a little pond

Then and Now


 I was playing around on the computer one day and thought I would see if there were any sites about the 1370 PMW. I was surprised and happy to find this website.

 I enlisted in FEB1958 and was discharged in JUN1962. My tour included an additional year due to the Berlin Wall Crisis in 1961. I was with the 421st AREFS and 67th FMSq. at Yokota AFB, Japan from OCT1958 till OCT1960. TDY's while there included Clark AFB PI, Kadena AFB Okinawa, Itazuki AFB, Kyushu,Japan and Wake Island.

 My stateside assignment was with the 1370th PMW, 1376th CAMRON, Turner AFB, GA, from OOCT60 to JUN62. I worked in the Recip. Engine Shop doing Build-up on R-4360's and Tear-down for shipment of rebuilds to Wright-Patterson. MSgt. Jordan and TSgt.Rogers were our bosses at the hanger. I came into the Squadron with a group of Engine Mechs.( knuckle busters) from Yokota AFB Japan.

  My "Best Buds" while I was at Turner were Ben Baitlon, Jim Carlisle, Tom Dunk, Chuck Presley, Doug Yockey, Bill Rooney, Bill Grimes, Jim Walsh and Don Rossi. Ben and I both owned 57 Chevys. Jim Carlisle had a 53 Olds and Bill Rooney and Bill Grimes both had 56 Chevys. Cruising around Albany was what we did when bucks were short.

 I served with AST-8(Hawaiian Eye), at Hickam AFB, HI, from DEC61 till JUN62 . Christmas in Hawaii was a great experience. Beautiful girls, white sandy beaches and wonderful weather. While there I got to go to the Big Island, Maui and out to Midway Island. I was there with Ken Flynn, Leonard Bisoski, Tommy Whitehead, Eugene Vaughn, Sam Jackson and a lot of others whose names escape me. Thats the price of getting old.

  I remember our old two story, open bay, 1376th barracks, when they were across from the flightline. All night long, C-130 engines running up then reversing the props. Sometimes I was sure it was because we were sleeping and the night people weren't. I don't remember ever getting a good nights sleep. There was one night when Chuck Presley threw a boot at Ken Flynn's alarm clock when he didn't wake up to shut it off. I think both items went out the window.

 Our new barracks were built on the backside of the base. Two and three man rooms and no noise. What a change. Jim Walsh and Don Rossi were my room-mates. Things I remember are Shrimpburgers at the Bowling Alley and drinking 15 cent Carling Black Label Beer with friends. There were the drive-in's in Albany with the carhops and some of the best BBQ sandwiches I ever tasted. Fishing out on the Flint River, spending weekends at the Drag Strip, visiting New Orleans and the Gulf, and driving to Atlanta with 5 friends to spend New Years Eve. Boy, what memories. I was sorry to hear when the base was closed. I guess nothing lasts forever. But there's still the 1370th PMW Yearbook I have(and this website), that I can look through and remember some good times.

 I returned to So. Calif with Ben Baitlon and Roy Davenport in 1962. We all worked at the same company for about 8 months. I then worked for a Grocery Co. for 36 years and retired in 1999.

  I now live in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. I was married for 25 years when my first wife died. I have been married this time for 9 years. I have 2 sons and 6 grand-children.

  Thanks for having a great website and keeping a little bit of our service history alive. I hope all the people I served with have been as fortunate and happy as I, and have wonderful memories. Bless all those who serve and have served.

Lou Chapman

Here are some pictures

A/2C Lou Chapman home on leave before assignment to Turner AFB A/2C Lou Chapman home on leave Lou Chapman Chuck Presley Chuck Presley 

New Barracks construction Doug Yockey and Bill Brown with Bill's wrecked Chevy  View of flight line from upper bay of 1376th Barracks Jim Carlisle's 1953 Olds 1376th CAMRON Orderly Room

1376th Barracks area Albany Drag Strip '56 Chevy vs '58 Olds Albany Drag Strip-'60 GMC vs Jaguar XK-120 57 Chevy 'Buzzards Roost' 1961 Chevy Impala in TX

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