1376th CAMRON

Bob Oberst

Bob Then

At AST #5, Atkinson Field, BG- 1962

Bob Now

At Cassube Ranch, FL, 2004

Hi -- I was at Turner AFB from `60-`62 as an RB-50F aircraft mechanic and was at AST#7(Clark AB, PI) from `60-61 and AST#5 Atkinson Field, B.G. from `61-`62. Before Turner, I was at Palm Beach AFB with the 1707th FTS(SA-16's) from `58-`59. I have a copy of the AST#7 book(60-61) , color slides taken in `61-62 at AST#5 and a copy of the book that the Wing had made about `62. I never got one, but came across a copy and made my own book from that.

Bob Oberst

3812 Cardinal Drive

Stevens Point, WI


Bob Oberst and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Tucson Az in the company of a photomapping squadron friend , Mike Rhodes and his wife, Mary and also with an old Amphib buddy called Chris Wilmarth and his wife. They showed us a very nice time, the whole 4 of them. Here are some pictures of 3 old farts in the noon day sun in AZ. Who knew the sun was shining so bright that we look like we're catching flies, certainly not I, nor Obie. Rhodes was handling it pretty OK.

I hope you enjoy seeing these pix.

Rich Rogers and Bob Oberst


Bob Oberst and Bob Cassube-Mini-Reunion

Bob Oberst of Stevens Point WI, and Bob Cassube of Branford FL, get together again after 42 years, at Cassube Ranch, FL, JAN 2004

Cassube's Air Force  Bob Cassube  Bob and Dot Cassube  Two Bobs

Left to Right-Ken Pacholka, Richard Rogers, Bob Oberst, Dave Strong, Paul Christy

Two members of the 1376th attended the 1707th (SA-16) reunion at Kannapolis, NC in 2000.

Here are some pictures

Albany Zoo, 1960  Hey Ken, watch the elephant jump  Bob Oberst  1952 Studebaker Commander  1952 Studebaker Commander  A/1C Vaughn's Fast Ford 

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