1376th CAMRON

Charles 'Chuck'Presley

Chuck Presley-1960   Chuck Presley-1994

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I enlisted in March 1960 and was discharged in March 1964. Assigned to 1376th CAMRON Helicopter Maintenance. Went TDY to Georgetown, B.G. in 62 and TDY to New Guinea in late 63.

After my discharge I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics for my A & P license in 1965. In 1969 I became a licensed helicopter pilot and have worked in General Aviation ever since. In 1971 I was hired by the Kansas City Police Dept. as a civilian pilot/mechanic to establish their A/C maintenance program. They started using patrol helicopters in 1968. No, they wouldn't let me have a gun. Darn the luck. I retired as Maintenance Supervisor in 1996.

After retirement I drove Tour and Charter buses around the country for about 5 years. Didn't like being gone so much so I gave that up.

Been married to Nancy for 39 years. We have one son.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the guys. I have so many great memories of those days that I won't even try to list a favorite.

Here are some pictures

1370th Vertol CH-21B 52-8677 on flight line at Turner AFB, GA 1370th Vertol CH-21B 55-5129 on the flight line at Turner AFB, GA Scotty and his 1960 Dodge Polara Jimbo playing tapes in the old 1376th barracks The Forgotton Mechanic

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