1376th CAMRON

Don Lavinder

Don Lavinder passed away on 18 FEB 2006. He will be missed.

Don and Zeda

I was in the 1376th CAMRON in the engine conditioning unit. Worked for M/SGT Walters and T/SGT Davie White from 1960 to 1962. I got out of the Air Force DEC 1962 after 9 yrs. Moved to Flint MI. Worked for General Motors for 30 yrs. Retired to Arcadia FL, where I now reside full time. I have been married 46 years. Zeda and I have three children. I remember TDY in Georgetown,BG. That was some place. I spent Xmas 1961 there. We did a lot drinking at Xmas. We were supposed to run the planes engines every three days but we were in Georgetown partying. I remember this T/SGT who was our doctor died. I can't remember his name. I remember if you walked in the club with your cap on you had to buy drinks for everyone. Also swimming with baby alligators. Some of the guys there were A/1C Duer, S/SGT Cochran,and A/1C Foust. I gave our house boy a butch haircut. He came back the next day and said his wife was going to kill me. We wrecked the pickup truck going to get mail in Georgtown. I remember when we went back to Turner we had a bad engine on RB-50, 0162, I believe. Soon as we got out of sight we feathered it and when we got near turner we declared emergency. I don,t think the AST #5 CO would have liked it too well.