1376th CAMRON

Jim Campbell(The Duck)

Jim 1964 My son Travis and Me, 2002



9/5/08 Went to Gastonia, N.C. last week to a fabric store. By chance I called a number listed to a Jerry Green and lo and behold, it was our Jerry Green(1376th CAMRON/1370th OMS, Helicopter Section, CH-21B Mechanic, Turner AFB, GA). Hadn't seen him in 44 years. Had a nice supper and visit for a few hours. He is retiring in November and his sister lives near here in Lakeland, Fl. and he plans to visit with us again when he visits her.

 I am Jim Campbell, 1376th CAMRON and 1370th OMS from July 1961 to July 1964. Crewed CH-21B 53-4359, "Red Rebel".
  Went TDY to AST#7, Port Moresby, New Guinea with T/SGT Frayser "Boots" Holler, from November 1963 to April 1964. We had two HH-43's, South Sea Sue and Wallaby One.


 I remember the day we turned over the chopper in the hanger. Every General in the world swooped down on us.   I remember Chuck Presley dislocating Bob Steels shoulder in a rough tussel. I remember someone throwing Presleys hat up on the rafter of the hanger.   I think back to the times I stoked that stupid furnace in the winter trying to get heat into the hanger. Still makes me cold.
  How many times were we at the Toasted Pup? Ray McCullough, motor man RB-50's, and I used to sit in my 1960 Ford Fairlane 500 or his 56 Chevy and play chess for hours at the Pup or the one on the road to Americus. I can't remember the name of it right off, but I think it may have been called Pig and Chick. I remember eating at Stims alot. I would order a hot roast beef sanwitch, fries and a coke for $1.25. Not bad for a full course meal. Ray and I played Pinochle every chance we had.   We used to go to the USO downtown, push open the doors and say, "We can whip any two Marines here." Every chair in the place would scoot back with Marines popping up everywhere. We would quickly add, "at Pinochle!!! Good ole days.
 I have been married to Anita for 36 years, have a daughter, 33, and a son, 30.
  Since 1964, have lived in Chula Vista, CA, Blanchard, LA, Birmingham AL,Oviedo, FL, and now Clermont, FL. Retired from BellSouth in 1997 after 32 years
 Here are some of my pictures


 CH-21B 53-4354 ready for takeoff 354 hovering during test flight  CH-21B 53-4359'Red Rebel' Ch-21B 53-4378 hovering during test flight

T/SGT Tom Marchant CH-3B arrives at Turner AFB, GA  T/SGT Moore and S/SGT Etheredge

TAFB, GA, Aerial View KC-135 'City Of Albany'-919th Ref. Sq., 4138th Strat. Wing-SAC Hound Dogs-AGM-77 TAFB Miniature water tower Ted Croy Jerry Green

Angel Morales Angel writing to his Angel  Gary Lore Naptime 

 Jim Campbell's models on display in the 1376th barracks Jerry Green-Andersonville CSA Prison View of 1370th Barracks Jim Campbell and Jerry Green, St. Augustine, FL TAFB, Ga, Chapel In The Pines

  Pig and Chick Drive-In, Albany, GA Toasted Pup Carhop Toasted Pup Drive-in Albany's Finest