James A. 'Jimbo' Kinter


  I'm Jim Kinter, originally from Clymer(Indiana County), PA, in 2007 moved from Cedar Park(Austin Metro), TX, back to SW PA.
 I was in the 1376th CAMRON, Turner AFB, GA, from OCT '60 to MAR '64. I was Helicopter Maintenance on CH-21B's, mainly 53-4324 'Shaky Magoo'.
 My only TDY was at AST 5 from JUN '62 to NOV '62. After a week at Atkinson Field, BG, I flew on an RB-50 to Belem, Para, BR. 3 months later, we moved to Teresina, Piaui, BR, with an overnight stop in San Luis, by CH-21B Heli. We made quite a few side trips in supplying the HIRAN ground stations.

  I had been married to Claudia from OCT 1966 to 31 DEC 2012. We had also lived in Turtle Creek, PA(1966-1972), Monroeville, PA,(1972-1978), Harrison City, PA,(1978-1985), Nashua, NH(1985-1991), and Cedar Park, TX(1991-2007),Monroeville, PA(2007-2008), and then Murrysville, PA.

I thought I had officially retired on 18 NOV 2005, but I got back in the workforce as a Dimensional Inspector for Hamill Mfg, Trafford, PA, in December 2007.

I have a daughter Diane, JUL 69, and her hubby, Mike Silva JUL 67, Monroeville,PA. Jim Jr. supplied us with one grandson:Kyle James Kinter, JUN 95(mother Becky), Cedar Park, TX. then 2 granddaughters, Emmarose Ruth and Isabelle, parentsJim K5KTF and Rochelle KA5HHZ Kinter, Cedar Park, TX.

After 1 and 9/12 years of being single, I married Betty Kelly of West Milford, NJ, 27 SEP 2014, at Journey Church, West Milford, NJ,. and we live in Murrysville, PA. Betty has 3 daughters, Bethann Struble, White Mills, PA, Becky Riedel, w.Milford, NJ, and Kelly Stagg, Venice, CA. That gives me 6 new grandkids, and 5 great grandkids. I retired from Hamill Mfg. on 3 OCT 2014

BTW, I am the Webmaster of The Aerial Survey and Photomapping History website. Also the Historian, and Life Member of the Air Force Photo Mapping Association. Also I recently became an Usher at Bridge City Church, Murrysville, PA, that's me in the black shirt above .

Below are some of my pix.

Here are a few from civilian life

One room school, Green Township, PA, 1952 Jimbo in 1985, wearing son's uniform!!! Learning to fly RC Our house in Cedar Park, TX 2004 Kia Rio Cinco  

BASIC TRAINING-Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX


Rotary Wing Mechanic, ABR43130, 3767th School Squadron, Sheppard AFB, TX




Jonesy & Jimbo leaving for AST # 5, June, 1962 Jimbo's Room Jimbo on the bank of the Flint River Jimbo in 1376th CAMRON parking lot. Jimbo & reflection-Flint River 

  Jimbo & 1941 Mercury Coupe    Jimbo & Lee Erickson's 1956 Triumph Wearing my own uniform in 1963

Home on leave, DEC 1963 Lee Erickson & Bill Ahern-57 Olds convertible Lee Erickson & Bill Ahern's 57 Olds Jimbo & 57 Chevy 57 Chevy Jimbo & 57 Chevy

Jimbo fishing near the Flint River power dam Lee Erickson & Bill Ahern Lee erickson & Jimbo Lee Erickson on the Flint River upstream from Turner AFB boat docks Lee near boat docks

Lee Erickson & Bill Smalley riding carts Jimbo's room in 1376th barracks  Jim Williamson 


Tactical Air Command

I went PCS to the 4485th Test Squadron, Heli, TAC, Eglin AFB, FL, in March 1964. I had the pleasure of working on the 1st USAF operational Sikorsky CH-3C(22) and Bell UH-1F(9) helicopters. We played silly war games for 9 months, including Indian River I, II, III.

 In November, 1964 I went TDY from Eglin AFB, FL, to West Plains, MO, for 2 weeks to participate in Operation Gold Fire I. We had 18 choppers on a small grass runway airport just outside West Plains. We lived in tents on the hill above the airport, and for the only time in my career I had to carry a weapon, a .30 cal Winchester Carbine, alas not even an empty clip, don't even know if it had a firing pin. Point and yell 'BANG!'

4485th Test Squadron March 22, 1964- Jimbo arrives at Eglin AFB      


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