1376th CAMRON

Jerry Wheeler

Earl Mahoney and Jerry Wheeler Reunion 2008 Jerry in his radio shack, 2000 Hank Silvia and Jerry met April, 06, Arcadia, FL Aerial View Of The Cow Pasture Jerry II passed his FAA examiner check ride for SEL VFR

 My name is Jerry Wheeler and now live in Beloit,Ohio ,and have been here since leaving W.Palm Beach ,Fla in March 1959.
  In November 1955 I graduated from Aircraft Propeller school at Chanute AFB, IL and was assigned to 1370th PMG/1371st PMC Sq at Palm Beach ,FL.
  I was in the flight line specialist shop with the 1371st unti the 1376th was formed in 1958. At the time I was TDY(ZI) at Mc Guire AFB NJ.From there we returned to Palm Beach to get ready for TDY Marshall Is,Kwajalein . I spent the rest of my time on Kwaj from Oct 58 until march 59.
  During that time operations were moved from W Palm Beach ,FL to Turner AFB Ga.
  I was over my enlistment time when I left Kwajalein . I came back with 1370th Deputy group commanders crew on a RB50 to Turner AFB.There I threw my tools/PE in the supply room and boarded his Gooney Bird (C47) for Orlando Fla to Hq then West Palm Beach to process out. It was a great 3 1/2 years ,but I don't think I could have lasted out another enlistment ,Ha Ha.
  I did get interested in Ham Radio on my first TDY in 1956 (ZI) Ohio Lockbourne AFB March to July then Wright Patterson July to November. Our senior navigator on 7160 was a ham and after a photo mission on the way back to base he come to the back office to use the main radio on the ham bands .
 Here are some of my pictures

A/3C Jerry P. Wheeler-1955 RB-50 QSL Card KG8RN QSL Card Jerry's Dirty Yellow Truck

Harvest 2001 Over the river Thru the woods To the next field 3 Wagon Harvest, 2002

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