In Memorium

12 DEC 1988

Jim Reese

Jim Reese passed away in Pago Pago. Survived by his wife Sau Saga. Reported by Al Chamberlin

24 NOV 1988

Clair E. "Skip" Godot

Reported by Sue Godot

5 JUN 1988

Henry Maurer

Henry Maurer passed away from cancer. Reported By his wife Norma.

7 MAY 1988

John L. Cronin

John L. Cronin, a Photomapper from 1946-1963, passed away from cardiac arrest after triple bypass surgery.

Reported by Marge Cronin

15 FEB 1988

Forrest Dupont

Forrest Dupont passed away, and after cremation, his ashes were scattered at sea. He served 31 years with USAF and was decorated by the Chilean Government for mapping southern Chile. After retirement, he was with the ROTC at San Diego State U, and was Air Force rep to General Dynamics.

Reported by Joanne C. Dupont, wife.

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