In Memorium

15 DEC 1989

Daniel Starkel

Daniel Starkel, a member of the 1371st M & C Sq. from 1959-1962, lost his battle with Parkinson's Disease. Reported By his wife Marjorie.

9 AUG 1989

Dumas Waldron Rochelle Jr.

Dumas Waldron Rochelle, a member of the 1370th PMG from 1953-1958, passed away after a series of heart attacks. Reported by his wife Blanche.

9 JUL 1989

Raymond Kuhlman

Reported by Dorothy Kuhlman

11 MAY 1989

James C. Shelley Jr.

James C. Shelley Jr., 1370th navigator at W. Palm Beach AFB, and Turner AFB, passed away due to heart attack. Reported by his sister Peggy Stillwell

11 MAY 1989

Janet M. Ailiff

Janet M. Ailiff died suddenly at home, reported by her husband Paul C. "Curt".

7 APR 1989

Fred H. Weller

Fred H. Weller passed away, reported by his wife June.

20 FEB 1989

Marian Sieczynski

Marian "Mimi" Sieczynski died of lung cancer in West Palm Beach, FL. Reported by her husband Ervin.

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