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HH-43B 'South Sea Sue' landing at Port Moresby, N. Guinea HH-43B ready for takeoff HH-43B Pilots-CAPT Robert Y. Meetze and CAPT John A. Firse Ken Kogge, Bob Steele, inspecting HH-43B rotor blades

Port Moresby Airport

Entrance to Port Moresby Airport    


 Ladies at the Port Moresby Airport concession stand Port Moresby Airport Fire Station  Port Moresby Airport Fire Chief Port Moresby Airport Firemen 

PatAir's Chief Mechanic RB-50F taking off from Port Moresby Airport, N. Guinea   Bob Steele Ding-A-Ling, AST #7 Mascot 

Port Moresby

Downtown Port Moresby, New Guinea   Ken Kogge at Patair House, Port Moresby, N. Guinea  Perfume Point Yacht Club, Port Moresby, NG

 Terry(Moose) Bilbro, Port Moresby, NG  Terry Bilbro at Patair House, Port Moresby, New Guinea 

Rabaul, New Britain


Helicopter Carrier Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup

Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup- Chopper Carrier, S. Pacific, 1964 Map of Papua, New Guinea Ken Kogge, S. Pacific, 1964 Bob Steele, Ken Kogge, Jim Campbell, aboard Curtis F. Shoup, 1964 A/1C Allen O'Bryant, A/2C Jim Campbell, S. Pacific, 1964 T/SGT Frayser T. 'Boots' Holler writing home from AST #7, N.Guinea

 Bob Steele and Boots Holler secure 'Wallaby I' Boots Holler and Ken Kogge prepare HH-43B 'Wallaby I' for mission A/1C Allen O'Bryant, 1370th FMS, South Pacific HH-43B Hauling Santa, Christmas, 1963

In The News

1370th PMW AST#7 personnel aid in rescue operation 1st contact made with former headhunter tribe 1370th RB-50F comes in on a wing and a prayer HH-43B's arrive at AST#7, Port Moresby, New Guinea Shrunken Head Stolen From Bar

C-124 Enroute To Guam