Pictures By Bill Snell

Here are some pics of Site 22 and 25.

Site 22 was on the second highest mountain in New Guinea about sixty miles from Port Moresby.

Site 25 was on Prince of Wales Island next to Thursday Island right at the tip of Cape York, Australia. I was on both sites with Airmen Gayle Wymen and Bob West.

Bill Snell resting after the walk up the mountain to Site 25 Clearing the helicopter pad Aerial view of Site 22 Aerial view of Site 25 Main Street, Thursday Island, AU Thursday Island Harbor, AU

Site 25-A/2C Gale Wyman at the base of the mountain Large ant mounds Walking in to Site 25 More walking Recent Google Earth view of Site 25

My last month at AST-7 was spent mostly on the LST USS Harris County helping the Navy helicopter crew service ground stations.

The ship dropped me off in Daru New Guinea and I was flown on a Cessna 172 about 150 miles north west of Daru to supervise the loading and move to Port Moresby of a decommissioned ground station. These pictures record the loading of the PATAIR DC-3. I can't remember the number of this site.

Airport buildings Getting ready to load up More airport buildings Loading the PATAIR DC-3 Packed in tight PATAIR DC-3 ready for takeoff

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