AST #3, Lakenheath RAFB, Great Britain

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MildenhallRAFB, 1953 Peterson's Crew, Mildenhall, 1953 Gerard F. Wientjes, Mildenhall Detachment Commander

RB-50F 47-0141 'Wilson's Follies' Tom Auburn and RC-130A crew-Keflavik NAS, Iceland-1959 Barry King and Albin Reynolds fishing-Iceland Fred Bayse and Barry 'DaBear' King-Java Time-Lakenheath RAFB, England-1954 Barry King-Lakenheath RAFB, England-1954 'Sullys Crew'-AST#3, Lakenheath RAFB, England-1954 RB-50F 47-0160 'Sullys Crew'-AST#3, Lakenheath RAFB, England-1954

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