Passing of the Torch

Airman Jimbo It is with great honor that I accept the title of
Webmaster for the and AFPMA website
from my dear ol dad, Jimbo.

He is OK, just ready to retire and pass on the torch.....
Jimbo at the helm

I specifically remember Father's Day many many years ago,
dad was over the house to visit, and wanted to show me some
new stuff he was working on & photos scanned in.
But then remembered he had hit his 5MB limit on his 'personal'
website included with his internet connection.
I logged into my domain registrar, registered,
then quickly setup space on my mail and web servers for it.
Then for many years, that was my Father's Day gift,
renewing the registration for him and keeping the website going and the email flowing.

Fast forward many years, the site was moved to GoDaddy for hosting,
and moved under the domain name (.ORG is more intended for non-profits),
where it continued to grow and flourish.

This website has been Dad's proverbial baby, which he has put so much effort
into over the many years, to document the history of the 1370th group,
the AFPMA, and everything photo-mapping.
It has helped him and others to reconnect after so many years.
It is a treasure trove of information related to aerial photo mapping and of the groups who did it.

Rest assured, the website is in good hands...
I taught Dad everything he knows about computers and websites.
But not everything I know ;-)
I am eager to continue this great legacy he built with the help of many of you,
submitting photos, articles and memories.


With the 2020 reunion scheduled to be in San Antonio this year,
I should be able to make it (I live just north of Austin,
about an hour and half away), so I hope to meet many of you fine fellows
I have heard so much about from Pops.
That is if this virus stuff clears up by October.

So from now on, if you have a need regarding the website,
feel free to shoot me an email at and Ill do my best
to get you taken care of as soon as I can.

Thanks Dad for building this great presence online!
I will do my best to make you proud and keep it going for as long as I can.

Airman Jimmy Jim Kinter Jr.
New Webmaster & AFPMA