Lockheed RC-130A 57-0510

RC-130A 57-0510 at Turner AFB, Armed Forces Day, 1961

RC-130A 57-0510 at AST#4, Ethiopia, 1965


RC-130A 57-0510 at Forbes AFB, KS

510 at Forbes AFB, KS

C-130A 57-0510 at Clark AB, Phillipines

C-130A 57-0510 AF Reserves, Unknown Location

C-130A 57-0510 Now N9691N

Fuerza Aérea Mexicana C-130A - former USAF RC-130A 57-0510, c.n. 3217, later converted to C-130A. Sold to Mexican Air Force, serial 10610, as presidential support aircraft, October 1993.


September 17, 1999, 10610 crashed while on a test flight near Sahagin, Mexico, 80 kilometers northeast of Mexico City, Mexico.

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