Phil Romano Pictures From AST#3, Site #10, Cu Lao Re Island, Republic of Viet Nam

The story is - After Tet 1968(Jan 31st) We packed up to go. Left on Feb. 14th from Forbes AFB, Ka. Our C-130 had problems and returned. Not an aircraft expert, something to with the pump for the external tanks . No parts available so we left again on the 15th. Made stops at Travis, AFB,CA / McCord, AFB,Wash. / Elmendorf AFB, Alaska / Cold Bay, Alaska / Midway Island / Wake Island / Guam / Tachikawa, Japan / Kadena Japan / and finally on Feb. 25th we arrived to Tuy Hoa, AB, RVN. 10 days must of been important for us to be there .We arrived on site at Cu La Rae on Feb. 28 after a overnight at Chu Lai AB. The site was on The side of one of the volcanoes that made up the island. When we arrived there were aprox. 28 American servicemen on the island, 8 army running a DECCA nav. site down on the beach, 12 navy running a search radar and 8 air force running a comm. site.

The AST/NCS was at Tuy Hoa, there were 6 sites in the field and we were the only one not on a base of some kind. It was interesting and different for a ground station type.